Just a few more days…

Happy Winter! We are having a gorgeous, cool, sunny day here, which we are soaking up. I am so thankful that our days will be getting longer, bit by bit and for our week-long forecast of sun.

We’re finishing up the last details for Christmas and Ruby is so excited this year (although she is all business here on Santa’s lap)! There is a horse-drawn carriage that rides around our neighborhood on the weekends before Christmas. It goes right past our house and we can hear the jingle bells and carolers. Ruby was really excited when she heard it last weekend, especially when we suggested it might be Santa and his reindeer doing a little test-run. Have you seen this video you can personalize from Santa? I found it on Alpha-Mom and Ruby loved it. She keeps asking to iChat with Santa again.

I made Ruby a little case for some new markers that she’ll get on Christmas. I used a pattern in The Creative Family by Amanda Blake Soule (a book and blog I love) and one that my mom made for crayons for Ruby for inspiration. I was knitting a sweater for the baby one day and Ruby asked what I was doing. When I told her it was for the baby, she remembered the hat I knit for the baby too and said, “What make for Ruby?” I reminded her of the things I knit for her while I was pregnant with her and told her I made something that she’ll get at Christmas too. She was pretty excited about that. We’ll see if this lives up to her expectations. Ha!


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