A couple weekends ago, before John flew to San Diego (where it was warm and sunny and close to good shopping – jealous) we took advantage of a break between rain showers and got outside. There are so many good-for-little-kids (read: easy) hikes within a close distance to our house. I’ve posted a bunch on flickr, but here are some of my favorites:

A snack break on the trail with John.

Lots of puddle jumping.

The boardwalk was really slippery. Ruby fell down a bunch and by the end of the hike (in this picture) she thought it was hysterical and was doing it on purpose.


2 thoughts on “Hikes

  1. we went to the wetlands recently too. Zoe likes the boardwalk and will bring a little fishing net to “catch critters in.” She’s only caught leaves, but is happy to pretend that they are squirmy fish. Did you see the trees recently cut by beavers- Z thought those were pretty cool too.

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