baking together

Kneading dough for bagels

I’ve mentioned before that Ruby loves to bake. She helps bake bread often, even if it is just to eat the dough, and is so proud of baking some apple pie. She checked out a book from the library recently called, Waiting for Baby. This is a great book for soon-to-be siblings. So many of the books are about issues that the older kid might be feeling, which are helpful too, but I don’t want to give Ruby any ideas. If we run into those things, then we’ll check out those books. Anyway…this book is pretty realistic. The very pregnant mom is on the couch a lot and they’re all waiting for the baby. The grandmother comes to stay at the house and she, the kid, and the mom make cookies. After reading this book a few times, Ruby and I decided to make cookies one day. (It was about a 2 second decision.) She loved the process and the product, of course.

A few days later, over our breakfast of oatmeal with blueberries, Ruby said, “Let’s make blueberry muffins.” Another book we’ve checked out, Henry in Love, involves some blueberry muffins. We did that too. I am so proud of her coming up with this idea and relating our activities back to literature.

I recently read this post on Culinate about baking with kids and love it. Don’t let all the baking rules get in the way of kids being involved. The food will always be delicious and so will the memories.

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