sick, sick, sick

We’ve caught some crazy winter bug around here. I feel like someone has been sick for weeks. John caught a nasty cold, and worked from home for a week. Ruby got it right after him and was sick all last week. She was improving by the end of the week, then started to get worse. On Valentine’s Day she had a fever and Monday I took her in to the doctor and learned she has pneumonia. We were pretty shocked. She keeps her spirits up pretty well when she’s sick. I knew it was more than a cold, but pneumonia?! Poor baby. She’s on antibiotics now and slowly getting better. We’ve all lost a lot of sleep from the coughing, worrying, and baby kicking.

We’ve been cooped up and reading, reading, reading. All Ruby wants to do is snuggle with her blanket and read. Several times during the day she says, “I sweepy,” grabs her blanket and gets into bed where she snuggles up and reads. This is the pile of books we found during one nap time:

She read these all to herself.

Now I’m trying my hardest to fight off this bug. I’ve had the beginnings of it several times, but I’ve held on somehow. I haven’t been feeling good the last couple of days though, so I’m heading to the doctor tomorrow. I don’t want to get pneumonia if I can help it, especially now! Send lots of happy, healthy thoughts our way!


6 thoughts on “sick, sick, sick

  1. Pneumonia? Oh boy! Poor baby! By all means do what you can to take care of yourself. Sleep is the best medicine. I keep checking in to see if there is news of the new baby yet– soon! Know that I am thinking of you.

    • Thanks, Jennifer. I’ve just got a virus right now. Hopefully it doesn’t develop into anything else. We’ve got a couple more months to wait for the baby. Everything is going well so far.

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