Valentines Crafts

Thanks for all the emails, comments, and phone calls about our health. We are all well again and enjoying being able to visit with friends and leave the house…and breathe without coughing.

There’s been a lot of crafting going on here in preparation for the baby, but I’m planning on sharing pictures of everything when we have a cute baby to model for me.

I did manage to make a couple things for John and Ruby’s valentines gifts though. I made John this hat (details on Ravelry). It was pretty easy to make, even though I had to adjust the pattern quite a bit for his gigantic head (which he better not pass on to this baby that I have to push out).

Gotta love this funny face. I made this heart for Ruby from Handmade Home, the book I wrote about here. It was also really easy to make. I used linen fabric from an old dress of mine that I don’t think will ever fit again and made the pocket from a sweater that was accidentally felted. I stuffed it with some dried lavender from our garden, as the pattern suggests, which is a lovely detail. We put a note in the pocket from Ruby and she loves to snuggle with the pillow when she sleeps. I hope it will be a tangible reminder of our love for her that she can hold on to when we’re apart (when I’m at the hospital, or to stuff in her backpack when she goes to school).


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