my first apron!

I finally completed a craft project for myself. I made a little half-apron to wear/use at craft shows and when I’m crafting at home as well. It was so nice to work on this and remember that one day I will be able to focus on craft shows again and not just be all consumed by baby. I’ve had the fabric (Polly Goes to Paris by Henry Glass) for a while and have loved it so much that I just couldn’t cut into it. John pushed me to use it and I’m so glad I did. It will be perfect to wear to shows. I used a pattern from A is for Apron but without the extra small pocket they suggested. It has 3 pockets perfect for stashing cash, business cards, paper and pen. I love it.

No modeling for the photo – I don’t even think this would fit me right now. I am HUGE. I have just under 6 weeks until my due date and am so ready to be done. We need to pick up a few new baby necessities at the store so I can feel really ready, but other than that, I am so ready to not be pregnant!


7 thoughts on “my first apron!

  1. Cute fabric! Only 6 more weeks!? Wow. Time goes by so fast. You’ll have that little ball of love in your arms before you know it. (Easy to say when I’m not in my third trimester, I know!)

  2. I’m right there with you, except of course I have 12 more weeks to go 😦 Perhaps it wouldn’t be so bad if I could just sleep. Apron looks absolutely adorable, so glad you made something for you!!!

  3. NICE apron~~! Love how you pleated the 3 pockets! Can’t believe you are already under the 6 week mark till due date~!

    • I know it…and I can’t find it for sale online anywhere. Looks like I’m hoarding the rest of my stash until I can find a super awesome use for it.

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