Cherry blossoms

A few weeks ago, our cherry trees were in peak bloom. They were gorgeous. The trees are ornamental cherries; they don’t produce any fruit. Springs here are amazing. After soggy winters, we have days of sunny, warm weather and tons of blooms everywhere. Then the rains come back for a few days, then sun again. The weather is back-and-forth until about July when it is sunny and warm without any rain for months. I love this time of year.

Since then, we have had crazy storms. It got super cold – we even had a few snowflakes and some ice on the cars. We also had a pretty major storm blow through here with intense winds that damaged our outdoor patio tent. I needed to pull out these sunny, flowery pictures to prove to myself that it really happened. Now all the tulips are blooming, which are just as gorgeous. Then it will be baby season!


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