baby rattle

I have a friend here that I share everything with. Seriously. Our birthdays are 2 weeks apart, our anniversaries are 2 weeks apart, our daughter’s birthdays are 2 weeks apart, and our due dates for our second babies are 3 days apart. Kind of creepy, huh? You should see us together – we’re quite a sight; two short women with enormous bellies and toddlers in tow.

She recently shared some fabric with me and I made this little rattle for her baby from the fabric. I used a pattern from Simple Sewing for Baby and it was pretty easy. I added a bell inside for the rattle. The fabric is a light denim, which looks cute, but it was a little difficult to turn it inside out when it was time.

Sprout update: My due date is Apr. 22 and my OB told me today that I’ll be lucky if this kid is born in April. grrr…


4 thoughts on “baby rattle

  1. what! I thought the OB said you would come early with all the contractions you’ve been having- booo!

    maybe it will work better with the timing of your family visiting though? at least if it’s after April 27, then I could help watch Ruby if needed πŸ™‚

    • Thanks, Laurel. My family will be here by then, so we’ll be covered. And the contractions pretty much stopped…just crampy now.

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