baby sweater

We’re still here…

Ginger is already a month old! She is so snuggly, I can’t stand it. I spend most of my days holding her, and breathing in her lovely baby smell.

I made this sweater (details on Ravelry) for Ginger many months ago. It is almost as soft as she is.

My family came in shifts starting right before Ginger was born through the time she was about 3 weeks old. John has a flexible schedule at work, so he took some time off again after family left to help me transition to being alone with both of the girls. But right after our family left, we had to take everything out of Ruby’s room for several days to have a crack in her plaster ceiling repaired.  Ruby was “sleeping” in our room, along with Ginger, which made sleep for all of us a little tricky. Then our dryer broke (with 2 loads of wet laundry waiting for it). So things were a little stressful the past week and a half.

All is well now and thank goodness we have two easy-going kids or we wouldn’t have survived. Now we’re gearing up for Ruby’s 3rd birthday!

P.S. We have several new babies to welcome and congratulate: Amara (born on the same day as Ginger to my friend, AS), our new nephew, Wyatt, and Rowan, born yesterday! All happy and healthy. Good luck to all our baby friends on the way!


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