csa report!

It’s June and our CSA has begun again! We weren’t sure how it would be this first week, considering we’ve had record amounts of rain lately, but we were pleasantly surprised. Our farm gave us:

Purple Viking Potatoes

csa potatoes on L, garden on R




Pea Tops


Green Leaf Lettuce


Blueberry Preserves

We ate a delicious carrot-celery-radish-mint salad one night that Ruby was asking for days later. I stumbled across this post sharing easy tips to eat sustainably. Which ones (if any) are you doing in your home?

Things are going well here. Ruby is amazingly gentle with Ginger. The sun is shining (today). The roses are blooming. The strawberries are being harvested. And Ginger is taking after her big sister’s funny faces.


6 thoughts on “csa report!

    • Thanks! The salad is really simple. We grated a bunch of carrots – maybe about 2 lbs., chopped up some celery and radish, topped it with some mint and dressed it with some lemon juice, olive oil, salt, and pepper. It was easy and yummy.

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