Ginger is 2 months old today!

It is finally summer here and we decided to head out to the coast today to take advantage of a warm sunny day there. We checked out the sea lions at the bay, saw tons of boats on the move, and even saw a seaplane flying around. It was great fun to watch Ruby this time. She remembered being there before, but could talk about everything so much more this time. We went down the beach and let the waves chase us. Ruby noticed the lighthouse in the distance and loved walking around on all the different kinds of sand.

Ginger pretty much slept through all the good stuff. We ate at our favorite restaurant and got some treats at an incredible bakery, then packed up for our ridiculously long and several-stop (oh, the joys of car trips with an infant and a toddler who didn’t nap!) car ride home.

csa this week:

Fingerling Potatoes

Garlic Scapes

Fava Beans


Black Kale




Walla Walla Onion

Baby Onions


Happy summer to you!


4 thoughts on “summer!

  1. Wait – so was Ginger born on the 28th? Everything has been a bit of blur lately… If so, her and Rowan are exactly one month apart 🙂

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