family love and a sale!

My parents are here visiting and we are so grateful! My mom had a small stroke about a month ago and is recovering fairly well, but I’ve been dying to get my hands on her and hug her. Ruby is good at cheering her up and Ginger is a great snuggler, both of which are good therapy for Mom.

I’ve also listed a brand new product in my shop: awake massage oil. I really love this oil. I use it every morning (or afternoon) when I get out of the shower and it keeps my stretch marks so moist, that I can’t help but hope its helping lighten them up a bit. The oil’s scent was inspired by my garden: lavender, rosemary, and peppermint. It’s a lovely combination that is relaxing and eye-opening at the same time.

20% off this lovely massage oil to you, my loyal readers! Just enter code “blog20” in the “message to seller” and I’ll refund your money quickly. This code is good through the end of August 2010.

Hope your summer is wonderful. Go hug your mom.


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