New shop products

I’m coming up for air! Both of the girls have a cold this week and there is a lot of extra snuggling, holding, wiping, and whining going on here. So, I’m going to ignore all that tonight and focus on fun stuff.

I’ve been keeping fairly busy in the shop the last couple weeks and have a couple more new products to share.

The Simple Toner is a sister to the Juniper Toner, but for normal skin (the Juniper is better for oily). It is a very gentle way to remove all the last little bits of sunscreen, soap, oil or make up at the end of the day. It’s scented with lavender and geranium (rose) so it smells lovely too.

The organic Fresh Liquid Soap is a perfect hand washing soap or body wash. It mild and great for sensitive skin. The floral scent is subtle and soothing. The geranium, lavender, and clary sage oils are naturally antibiotic.

Remember, 20% off to you on everything in the shop until the end of August. Just use the code “blog20” in the message to seller and I’ll refund the 20%.


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