So, it’s been awhile, eh? I thought I was done blogging. I basically have a new full-time job on top of my usual mama duties – breastfeeding. I spend over 30 hrs. a week nursing. Don’t get me wrong, I love it, but A LOT of other things I used to spend my time on have been shelved. But then the past couple weeks, several people asked me about blogging. I still thought I was done. I was telling John this and before I could say, “But I’m done. I need to spend my free time off the computer.” He said, “I miss you blogging too.” I imagine things will be pretty sporadic, but I’ll keep it on my list of things to do.

My parents came out for Christmas again this year, which is so nice. John and I really miss being with all of our family, especially at the holidays, but its wonderful to relax at home and let our day unfold naturally without spending lots of time driving (not to mention the stress of flying in the winter with the possibility of delays, cancellations, and two small children).

I managed to make a gift for each of the girls (just barely!). Our family all has knit stockings that my late grandmother made for us. Her pattern is a bit out of my expertise, so I tried to at least carry on the hand-knit stocking tradition and made Ginger her stocking this year.

Ruby got a little tote bag from some scrap fabric that I had. It sewed up quickly and easily and is the perfect size for several library books.

While my parents were here, John and I took advantage of baby-sitting, and went out for a bunch of dates! and were able to paint the walls of our kitchen.

A few more photos from Christmas are up on flickr.

Until next time…


8 thoughts on “hi

  1. LOVE the red color of your kitchen~~!!!! LOVE the girls in their red dresses~~~!!! LOVE that you LOVE having your parents visit at Christmastime~~~! Nothing like family …esp. on the Holidays~~~!

  2. it’s nice to be able to peek in on you guys again. I assumed you just got uber busy, but hoped things went well. I’m glad to hear that Ginger is eating well, she looks quite robust too 🙂 Love the red kitchen, did you redo the floor too?
    we sure miss you all!

    • Ha! Actually, Ginger is not a great eater- she just has really chubby cheeks. We haven’t done the floor in the kitchen yet, I think that’s next on the list. We miss you guys too! Ruby LOVED the card you sent.

    • Thanks so much, Tania! It feels good to have a little product from my efforts. Hope you and your little guy are well.

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