little chef

Recently Ruby was complaining about a dinner we were sitting down to eat. I asked her what she’d like to be eating and told her we’d make sure to have that soon. A few nights later, she helped prepare her meal and we decided that she gets to choose one meal a week for us. It has to be well-balanced and include at least one green vegetable. She loves her new job. She consults her cookbook each week and so far she’s chosen pasta with olives, quesadillas, pesto pasta, and this week we made bagel faces for lunch.

hard at work

so proud!


In shop news, ten percent of proceeds will go to Global Giving’s efforts to support Japan’s people.


8 thoughts on “little chef

  1. Oh my gosh, this is such a sweet post, Megan! She is so adorable….love the proud smile! That cookbook looks amazing…I’m totally getting that for my niece, she LOVES to help in the kitchen. 🙂

    • Yes, Ericca – she’ll love it! I think we’re going to get Ruby the sequel, Salad People, for her birthday.

    • Yes, Ericca – she’ll love it! I think we’re going to get Ruby the sequel, Salad People, for her birthday.

      La Petite Vie – French inspired all natural for bath, body, and home

  2. Having her pick recipes is such a great idea! I loved cooking with my mom so much when I was little. It’s such a great way to make memories and learn about cooking!

  3. Love this post – I bet Ruby was so proud – and some super great thinking on your part! This book looks amazing, might have to make it’s way into Lexi’s easter basket – she just went to a cooking b-day party and came home with her own set of cooking tools and she’s been asking to do a cooking project of her own.

    • Oh what a great idea for a birthday party and favors! Last year, for Ruby’s party, the kids made their own pizzas, which was a fun activity – but it would have been great to send them home with some tools of their own. We love the book – I highly recommend it!

  4. What a lovely idea! I don’t have kiddos yet but will remember this as a great way to get them involved when they are a bit older. What a sweetie pie you have there!

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