Ginger turned one about a month ago. She is such a sweet and happy baby. Gigi loves to give hugs and kisses and listen to Ruby read to her.

We decided to have a birthday party for both of the girls while my sister and brother-in-law were visiting. We couldn’t have pulled it off without their help. I was frantically trying to prepare for the West Elm pop up shop at the same time and really loved having some extra hands around. (Although I really missed some of the fun jobs I delegated!)

Our red polka-dot themed party perfect for the girls. I loved the balloons, the shirts, the cupcake liners and polka-dot straws we used. I tried to make our lunch themed as well with pepperoni pizza and polka-dot milkshakes. Sadly our blender broke during the party! So, no polka-dot milkshakes this time. But the cranberry mimosas (with cranberries for polka-dots) made me feel better.

Ruby is celebrating her birthday with her class at school as I write (and eat a leftover chocolate cupcake), then gets to celebrate again on her actual birthday. I’m guessing she’ll choose a chocolate cake again. This girl is definitely my daughter.

Happy Birthday, Girls!


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