Birthday crafts

I really wanted to make something for each of the girls’ birthday gifts. I needed the time to devote to crafting and wanted to give them each something extra special so I started early, chose some simple projects, and squeezed in small bits of time to finish the gifts just in time.

Ginger got a heart pillow just like Ruby’s.

And Ruby got a cute little skirt made with the same fabric (I didn’t use the same fabric on purpose, I just like it!)

The skirt is similar to one that a friend made for Ruby when Ginger was born. I loved it so much and wanted to make another for Ruby to wear this next year.

Ginger is walking, but not confidently, so she needs me close by. My parents visited in July, John traveled twice in June, and I had a craft show in early July. Now I have a freelance job I’m working on and a wholesale order! Ruby’s had swimming lessons and learned how to read! By herself! For real! I am beyond thrilled. I have hopes that life will calm down a bit, but I think that may be a bit unrealistic. I just need to figure out how to keep up at this pace somehow. But last summer, just after Ginger was born, my mom had a stroke, so I was overwhelmed in a completely different way. I am constantly grateful for my family’s health and would much rather have this kind of overwhelm than last summer’s. We’re enjoying our lovely summer weather – hope you are too!


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