Halloween fun

Warning: this is a photo-heavy post!

This was the best Halloween yet. Ruby remembered all the fun from years passed and loved showing Ginger the ropes. Gigi was a master trick-or-treater and has tried to get more candy every time we go on a walk. Ruby decided our family’s costumes this year; Ruby – bee, Ginger – flower, me – beehive, and John – beekeeper. As she said, “it’s all about the bee!” Fitting. We thought idea was creative and my only requirement was that Ginger not just be a sidekick this year, her costume had to stand alone, so we did it.

Ruby also chose our jack-o-lantern face – a sad, sick pumpkin with a thermometer sticking out of it’s mouth.

Ruby with her stethescope

Apparantly, he has a high temperature

Unrelated: I’ve been recommending the book, Playful Parenting, to all the parents I know lately. It is full of lots of great reminders about who we want to be as parents, and making the journey more fun for everyone.


2 thoughts on “Halloween fun

  1. Thanks, Jen! It is fun. Ruby already chose our costumes for next year – astronaut (Ruby), rocket ship (Ginger), star (me), and moon (John). We’ll see if it sticks…

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