Christmas crafting

We’ve all been busy trying to make gifts and decorations in time for the holidays. Fingers crossed the gifts will be done in time! It’s a little harder this year because I can’t make Ruby’s gift in front of her and this year she wants to get into the making big time. Which I’m LOVING!

This is her gift for Ginger – it’s going to be a bunny rabbit stuffed animal. She drew the bunny, I transferred it to the fabric and she and I embroidered it together. Ruby has done really well with the patience and fine motor skills needed for this. I’ve been really impressed. She is excited to sew on the sewing machine next.

We signed up to bring a craft to Ruby’s class on their last day of school before break. We made snowflakes with them. Ruby and I spent some time on Friday making a bunch more.

But before you think its all Christmas magic here in our house, let me tell you that while Ruby and I cut out snowflakes, Ginger was busy coloring with the art supply box next to us. She was by no means ignored, but somehow managed to eat a piece of chalk, get marker on a windowsill, write with pen on a dining room chair cover, and write on the floor with a marker. Multi-tasking with a 1.5 year old around is near impossible.


3 thoughts on “Christmas crafting

  1. HAH! Sounds like my house…I was chasing Rowan around the house today with a marker that he took from his sister’s stash while I was trying to make lunch. He was literally shrieking at the top of his lungs and running as fast as he could to get away from me. LOL, craziness!

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