Ruby is back at school this week and almost everyone there has commented at how much bigger Ginger seems now. Apparently in the last two weeks she has changed a lot. Lately when I look at pictures of her I am struck by how much of a little girl she looks like. She is losing her babyface, I guess. I catch myself stopping during the day and studying her chubby fingers or the balls of her toes which are about the size of peas, melting when I see her cross her little feet in her sleep. Just trying to memorize her all around tinyness.

Ginger is becoming her own little person. She chats away with us all day long, demands to wear particular clothes (how will I deal with two fashionistas?!), is crazy for oranges, pretends to fall asleep at the table, and loves her babies. I love getting to know her personality better everyday and I can’t wait to see who she will become.


I miss this.


7 thoughts on “wistful

  1. Sniffffff, I know…Sometimes Rowan lets me snuggle him while he’s almost asleep in the rocking chair and I stare at him trying so hard to make sure it gets stored in my memory and soul forever because its almost all gone….:(

  2. BUT~~~ coming from a “Grammy’s view”….one day God gives you the gift of seeing YOUR BABY all over again in your Grandchild~~~ amazing….

  3. I know exactly what you mean. I think the same thing when Grace wakes at midnight. I try to remember to soak up how her little body feels in my arms. Wistful is the best word.

  4. Oh, you’re such a sweet mama!! I just love to hear and see what you’re feeling about your little girls. YOu know, it just goes so quickly…my oldest is a sophomore and youngest is a 4th grader! (Lori is a 6th grader…you should read the essay I posted by her on my facebook page)

    Glad to see you and catch up with your beautiful family.
    Love, Sarah

  5. Oh, brings tears to my eyes cause that’s how I feel about Natie. I just feel so lucky to be her mom. She has started telling secrets lately. She gets really close to your ears and jabbers and then puts her finger in front of her mouth and says shhh. I hope I am always her best friend but whatever happens I feel so lucky to be hers now.

  6. Thank you so much for your comments! I know you all understand exactly what I’m feeling. Parenthood is such an emotional journey!

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