craft fail

I didn’t give any handmade gifts this Christmas. I tried. I really did. I knit Ruby a hat that turned out to be gigantic. It was a strange pattern. It knit as one straight piece and then when you’re done, you sew the side together to make a cute fringe. So I couldn’t ever really see what it looked like and I couldn’t try it on well. But I worried the whole time that it was going to be too big.

I was attempting to make Ginger a super cute shift dress. But when I realized I wouldn’t have anything for Ruby, I decided to save the dress for another occasion and not stress about getting it done. I was running short on time as I was busier than expected with fulfilling La Petite Vie orders. (Yay!) I’ve been sewing little bits of the dress here and there and it is a disaster. I called it quits last night. I’m not quite sure where I went wrong on that one, but I’m blaming the pattern again. It really makes not sense to me.

My last couple of baking projects were less than thrilling. I had to frog the entire back of a sweater I’ve been knitting for John. I’m not sure what has happened to all my crafty mojo lately but I’m not liking this!

I need some success! Please point me to some simple no-fail projects! I’m hoping to knit some legwarmers for myself that look pretty straightforward. And a friend just had a baby, so I’ll be baking something for them. Maybe I’ll attempt this for Valentine’s Day gifts for the girls:

photo by purl bee

Or maybe I should set the craft projects aside and have some tea and chocolate.


4 thoughts on “craft fail

  1. I’m sorry you’ve had some craft fails, it really does happen to everyone. I have so many stories of craft and cooking fails. Clothing patterns are really wonky sometimes, and sometimes recipes just don’t work- even if they worked before. With both crafting and cooking, you just have to keep trying new things, there are surely many more great things to come.

    I sometimes make 2-D animals for Zoe where it’s basically just the outline of the animal stuffed, or similar to the ugly dolls. I use calico scraps and draw them free hand they look pretty funny, but she loves them and plays with them often.

    I haven’t made them yet, but I just love these They would be a great gift for the girls and they could help pick out colors or buttons for the eyes.

    Yay for lots of La Petite orders!

    • Thanks for the moral support, Laurel! I know things sometimes don’t work out, but its been so many things at once – its so frustrating. Those glove animals are adorable. I’ll definitely add that to my bookmarks.

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