sick, sick, sick

Poor little Ruby has pneumonia. Again. It’s the 3rd time and she’s not even five yet. She caught a virus last week that settled into her lungs. Friday afternoon, we decided we didn’t like the sound of her cough and I took her to urgent care on Saturday. We had to wait 2 hours to get a room and were there over another hour after that.


She is so patient and was feeling well that morning, so we played go fish and she drew and watched tv. The doctor found an ear infection too, Ruby’s first! She hadn’t even complained of an earache, so it must be pretty mild. Then she had to have a couple x-rays. That seemed to make her pretty nervous, but she held it together.

The doctor wanted to see if her lungs sounded better after a breathing treatment, so they hooked her up to a noisy machine and this mask for about 10 minutes.


She really didn’t like this at all. She kept asking me if it was done and the straps bothered her ears, so I was holding them off her head the whole time. I felt so bad for her. Those big eyes were so pathetic staring at me.

She charmed all the staff there with her patience and fairy wings. I kept hearing people in the hall talking about “little Ruby”. We finally left and got a pile of stuff from the pharmacy to ward off the evil spirits.

She’s feeling much better today, especially after her best friend dropped off a get well gift on her way to preschool.


Ginger and I are sick today. Gigi has a cough, which I’m really hoping will just stay a cold. To say I’m ready for cold/flu/sick season to be over would be an understatement. It’s been rough so far this fall and winter. 

All photos taken with Instagram


3 thoughts on “sick, sick, sick

  1. I’m glad Ruby is feeling better and so sorry to hear you and Gigi caught the bug. Glad the flowers and card brought a little cheer 🙂

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