These girls are the best of friends right now. I cannot describe to you how adorable it is to see them play together. John and I are constantly saying, “You’ve got to come see this” or grabbing the camera, trying to capture a little moment. I shot the photo above one morning when they were looking at all their drawings on the fridge. This was just how they were standing.

Now, obviously, this is not how they are together all of the time. Although, I know their grandparents won’t believe that. They adore each other, but of course they argue. I can write about how sweet they are together, because they are asleep at the moment. I am exhausted after a day of dealing with a teething toddler who demands to change her outfit 5 times a day and a preschooler who still asks, “Why?” 500 times a day. That’s why I take all these pictures. I can call up these special little moments and remember when Ruby sat with Gigi for a ridiculously long time today peeling all the paper off of the crayons for her (Ginger’s latest weird obsession) and then sweeping up all the little pieces the first time I told her to. People, you have no idea how big this is.

It’s been a long road for us to get here. Ginger didn’t sleep (so neither did John and I) for a really long time. She’s just now gaining some independence. That’s why these sweet moments are so perfect. Seeing Ruby wrap her arm around Gigi and read books together makes my heart jump.


4 thoughts on “Sisters

  1. Could I have two more precious granddaughters? I can’t wait to get back there to see them (but I say that as soon as I leave each time:) ).

  2. Very cute! I wish I was still living there. My girls are the exact same age and totally love one another right now! I will be in Corvallis this weekend for a visit! Are you around??

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