Book::Food Rules

Food Rules by Michael Pollan is a simple book that didn’t make my reading list until I discovered that he updated it, this time illustrated by one of my all time favorite artists, Maira Kalman.

I love Kalman’s work – her children’s books, her TED talk, and her handwriting all make me happy. I should probably dedicate a post to her. Of course, I love food and have learned much from Pollan’s other books. The simplicity of the writing of Food Rules marries well with Kalman’s paintings. Some of the rules, like #13 “Shop the Peripheries of the Supermarket and Stay Out of the Middle” are not new to me. Some are funny – #39 “Don’t Eat Breakfast Cereals That Change the Color of the Milk” and some make me happy – #52 “Have a Glass of Wine with Dinner” – yes, please.

The book has some rules that have stuck with me and I can see myself returning to the book when I need some healthy inspiration. It would be a great book to start someone off on a healthy eating journey but would be educational at all levels. Go check it out at your library, and be sure to pick up Ooh-La-La (Max in Love) while you’re there.


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