Valentines Day Crafts

Valentine’s Day has become a bigger deal to me since Ruby has come along. John and I didn’t exchange gifts when we were younger, but Ruby has taught us to celebrate love any chance we get. She was so excited this year. The day before, she was making up songs all day long like, “Happy heart day. Tomorrow is heart day. I love heart day. I love love.” Then she slept in her clothes that she wanted to wear on Valentine’s Day.

She made her valentines for her class. We simply cut out a heart shaped sponge and she stamped with that, cut them out, and wrote her name on them. They were d0-able for her, didn’t become overwhelming, and turned out cute.

We also made some salt-dough hearts that we hung between the columns that separate our living and dining rooms.

And I made a cranberry apple tart from Once Upon a Tart that smelled amazing.

But, by far, the best part of Valentine’s Day were the valentines:

Even Ginger drew hearts all over the paper. I love this!

Did you celebrate? Please share your special traditions!


3 thoughts on “Valentines Day Crafts

  1. you guys are so cute! we did a few extra simple things and I made a cake over the weekend (do I dare admit it was from a box!?!?) but nothing as cute and creative as what you guys do. I wish I had more time for stuff like this…

    Oh, I did make a bunny with the glove pattern I linked to before and it looks like a cross between a bunny and a fox, but is still cute. It reminds us a bit of the fox/chicken baby from We called that baby a chox, and this bunny/fox is currently a rox (Zoe went with rox for rabbit + fox, since box is already a word)

    Miss you guys and your cute little family!

    • Thanks, Laurel! I am trying to enjoy this time while I have it. I think my days might be numbered… I want to see a picture of your chox! That sounds so cute. We miss you guys too. Hope you’re all well.

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