…and I baked

John’s birthday was last week and he chose an apple tourte for his dessert. He found the recipe in Baking: From My Home to Yours (a book I highly recommend) and it was crazy good. I like making tarts, but making tarts on a weekday alone in the house with two small children is…um, how shall I put this, a challenge?

The crust is not a typical pie crust, its an almond sugar cookie crust. Mmhmm, you read that right. A pie made with a cookie crust. And the filling was like applesauce. The comforting, warming, homemade, delicious-smelling applesauce. And then, while it was still a touch warm, we piled Julie’s vanilla ice cream on top. (BTW, if you’ve never tried it, Julie’s Strawberry & Cream sorbet is incredible.)

It was really good for breakfast too.


Today I made Rosemary Flatbread from Whole Grains Baking (another book I love – all the recipes are full of whole grains but still taste wonderful). Seeing the dough crisp up and bubble was so satisfying. This is the best photo I had on our cold, dark day. It doesn’t do it justice.

The girls loved dipping theirs in hummus this afternoon and I think I’m about to go eat some more with a glass of wine. Excuse me, won’t you?


One thought on “…and I baked

  1. Love this! Just delectable – that tart must have made the house smell incredible. Mmmmmmm… my mouth is watering from the other side of the country. Please keep posting your amazing baking creations..

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