Etsy Shop Love: Jenny Lee Fowler

Jenny Lee Fowler’s work forces me to slow down and take notice. The papercuts are simple but detailed. They seem to capture a moment.

Custom Couple Silhouette Portrait $50

When I was in first grade, my teacher made silhouettes of all of us that fascinated me. I think I still have mine. My sister made silhouettes of the girls for us a couple years ago that are hanging in their room. There is something so timeless about them.

House Silhouette Custom Papercut $50

I know we will have to leave our little house someday and it will be painful for me. It’s our first house, our girls are babies in it, and there are so many aspects of it I love. I would treasure a papercut of our home.

Silhouette Necklace Cut Paper Cranberry $42

How sweet is this necklace? What a unique piece of art to carry you through your day.

Jenny Lee Fowler has a beautiful shop full of opportunities for customization.

All photos courtesy of Jenny Lee Fowler. Click on the photos to see details.


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