Messy and fancy

We’ve had a wonderfully busy weekend. Ruby and John attended her preschool carnival Friday night. Saturday, we hiked up a misty, mossy, muddy trail to the “top of a mountain, through a light forest” as Ruby would say. Translation: to a meadow on the top of a big hill. The woods opened up and it was bright, which is what a light forest is, apparently.

I love this hike. It’s pretty easy, just up and around the hill, but I always feel so far out of town when we’re not at all. Then we get to the top and you can see so much of the city and on clear days, you can see 5 volcanoes! The walk is a big loop up and down the hill. We went down the way we went up, which was easy enough for Ruby to do. The trail was super muddy, which was an adventure. I kept waiting for one of us (hoping it wouldn’t be John who had Gigi on his back) to go down and knowing I wouldn’t be able to stop myself from laughing when it happened, but it didn’t! We all held our own. At the bottom of the trail, we watched horses being saddled up for their ride.

Sunday, Ruby and I went to see Annie! A nearby high school put on the play with a cast ages 4-54. It was Ruby’s first play and her first time seeing Annie. We have my old record which she loves listening to, so she knew all the songs. I was obsessed with Annie as a kid. So much so, that my grandmother knit me an Annie sweater.

Ruby thought she should wear it to the show. The play was wonderful. Annie was charming and Ms. Hannigan was scary.  I was a little worried about how they would handle the ending (there are plans to drown Annie), but it was little-kid-friendly. Phew. After the show, Annie shook Ruby’s hand and then Ruby and I went out for gelato.

It was a good weekend.


6 thoughts on “Messy and fancy

  1. So cute! I loved Annie too. One time I watched it 5 times in one day. Makes me wonder why my mom let me watch 10 hours of tv straight but whatever.

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