more snow days!

The calendar may say that its spring, but it doesn’t feel like it! We got the most snow I’ve seen here this week – probably 8 inches! The girls were beyond excited when they saw it. It was a total shock. They couldn’t get through breakfast fast enough to get out in it. I got them dressed four times that morning. Every time I turned around, clothes were off and I had to go track them down and put them back on. I kept thinking, “At least Ginger is still in diapers so I don’t have to worry about her needing to go to the bathroom after I finally get her dressed!” The whole thing was pretty funny.

Ruby catching snow flakes.

Gigi stuck in the snow (it was too deep for her to walk in!) but taking a break from calling, “Mama, help!” to smile for a picture.

Two snow days called for baking. When the girls got cold on the second day, we went inside to bake cookies.

John was out of town, but the second day was so sunny that he was able to make it back because most of the snow melted. There’s still snow on the ground and more in the forecast.

The past two days have been sunny. I actually sat outside this afternoon without a coat. As fun as the snow has been, I am reeeeeeeally ready for spring. I need some warm sunny days. Bad.


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