kitchen update

We live in a 112 year old house that I love. But with the age of the house comes some maintenance, although not too much in our situation, thankfully. We just got an estimate to replace our furnace (ouch!) and John took off a few days during spring break to work on our kitchen cabinets. Most of our cabinets are original and were long ago painted white, then tan, then a horrible green (what were they thinking?!), then white again. They needed to be repainted, which means sanding them all because of the glossy paint, but being super careful because there might be layers of lead paint underneath.

after sanding, before painting

For weeks, John has been taking off the cabinet doors, sanding them down, and stripping the paint off the hinges and hardware so they will be their original brass. This week we took everything out of the kitchen, closed it off, and he got to work sanding half the woodwork (we decided it was best to do the kitchen in stages so we could use it). He spent a day sanding and vacuuming, mopping, and cleaning. We painted the woodwork and just last night we were able to put everything back in the cabinets. The doors are still off so they can be painted and dried completely, but we’re close.

our dining room table looked like this for a few days

We’ve got the other half of the kitchen to do, but at least part of the kitchen looks beautiful and it feels so good to have this done.


4 thoughts on “kitchen update

  1. Our house is only 58 years old but our kitchen cabinets BADLY need to be sanded and repainted too. I might be coming your way for tips in the next couple of months.

  2. I just can’t believe that you guys have time to do these big projects with 2 little ones- bravo! We barely have time to do laundry and minimal cleaning. You’re kitchen and the cabinets are so cute, it’s going to look great when this is done.

    • Thanks, Laurel. I don’t know how we figured how to do this either! I will say that the dirty laundry pile is taller than Ruby.

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