Etsy Shop Love: b children’s wear

A couple of years ago I bought a shirt for Ruby from b children’s wear. It had a felt envelope that opened with a felt postcard inside. Ruby loved to wear her mail shirt and I was sad when she outgrew it. There are so many thing in Lindsey’s shop that I love. Ruby loves bags. Each bag has a specific purpose – a dance bag, a book bag, a backpack…Rarely can these bags hold different things that the items she has decided belong to them. How cute is this little bag?

itty bitty elephant satchel

I wonder if I could use it for a diaper bag…

I wonder if I will ever move beyond a diaper bag…

Felicity the shy fox

I love this sweet fox. The hair bow is too adorable!

Midnight Ruffles Tank

I would totally wear this ruffled tank. I kind of wish she made women’s clothes!

I have two (!) new nieces on the way and think I can rationalize some little girl clothes shopping. My girls can benefit from it, and pass it along, right?

All photos by b. childrens’ wear. Click on photos for more info.


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