shop news: new perfume scent

I’ve created a new perfume scent that is up in my shop called Pause. It’s a spicy little scent that’s earthiness is balanced by the sweet floral smells of lavender blossoms. The depth of the layered scents inspires you to pause and consider it as you apply. At first, you notice the warming spiciness, but then the lavender kicks in with a lovely end note.

This handy little tin makes it easy to travel with – no need to worry about spills. Just use your finger to apply exactly where you want it to go in the strength you prefer.

As with all my products, you can feel confident in the safety of this perfume. There are no parabens, synthetic fragrance oils or preservatives. It is completely natural and made with sustainable ingredients.

I hope you’ll enjoy Pause Perfume and the other solid perfume scents as well. I think it would be a thoughtful addition to a Mother’s Day basket.


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