Etsy shop love: Riley Construction

There are tons of cute plush toys on etsy, but there is something special about Riley Construction. The sweet little faces with the long eyelashes are charming and I know my girls would just love to play with so many of her creations (and me too!).

This past Christmas, Ruby became excited by elves and I wish I had seen these little guys then – she would love one! I love the hair over the one eye – its these little details that really make this shop stand out.

Plush Elf Toy $45

These hipster rag dolls kill me. Kill me. They are my favorite thing in the shop and I don’t think I could choose just one. I mean, the glasses? The little whale tattoo? It’s just too much cuteness. Please click on the link and check out all the details.

Hipster Rag Doll $55

Everybody loves mushrooms, right? These cheery little faces are just perfect.

Mushroom Plush $32

Ginger is going through a phase right now where she’ll eat half of her meal and then quit and insist on wearing bunny ears to finish the rest. It’s so funny and adorable. This little fox mask would make a nice change.

Fox Mask $25

Riley Construction uses eco-friendly materials, so you can feel confident sharing these with the children in your life. Have fun shopping – and playing!


All photos by Riley Construction. Click on images to visit products.


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