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Ruby will be going to kindergarten in the fall and she is beyond thrilled about it. Me however, not so much. I have friends scattered all over the country and I don’t know anyone who is happy with the early childhood education situation right now. This goes well beyond the usual “my baby is going to kindergarten” sadness, I haven’t even begun to enter that. We’re all upset about the education (or lack thereof) that will be happening at these kids’ schools.

So…I thought I’d share some schooling inspiration with you. There are positive things happening out there and we need to find them, become motivated them, and push for changes where we see fit.

I need to dig around some more on this website, but I have seen some great ideas on Expeditionary Learning. Have any of you heard of it?

Urban Preschool is a blog devoted to creative early childhood education. I always leave this site ready to open my own little early childhood center (which I would really love to do someday!)

Tom blogs about his life as a preschool teacher at Teacher Tom. Sometimes he gets philosophical about deeper meanings behind his students and sometimes he shares fabulous activities that you can recreate at home. He focuses on creativity and celebrating the individual.

My friend printed canvas shopping bags for Kid Food Matters in Eugene. They work on improving school lunches for the Eugene public schools. It’s a great resource to help work on your own district.

Dancing Sol is a nature-based preschool. They also host nature camps in the summertime. Once again, they inspire us to encourage outdoor education within our own schools or homeschooling days.

Do you have any favorite resources for school improvement or supplementing your child’s education?


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