Ruby is FIVE!

I am exhausted. This has been quite the month. Let’s see…Ruby graduated from preschool and turned FIVE (on the same day!), my parents came to visit for a week, the girls both got pretty sick (we actually had to postpone Ruby’s birthday party because I took her to urgent care with a double ear infection instead), and…oh yes, we decided to sell our house.

We love our house for so many reasons. But we’ve always known this was a temporary home for us. We thought we would move in a couple more years, but decided that before Ruby started kindergarten would be better to cut down on big transitions for her. John has been restoring our kitchen cabinets which quickly went into overdrive mode along with purchasing a new furnace (ouch, that was expensive), repainting the front porch, lots of decluttering, and some over-due normal spring cleaning/maintenance.

So, um, I’ve been a little preoccupied. Luckily, I had a theme for Ruby’s party in mind ages ago. She is so excited to go to kindergarten and I used to teach kindergarteners, so we had a kindergarten birthday party. We welcomed her friends and asked them to pretend our house was a classroom. We made centers for them to visit – writing, calendar, library, construction, dramatic play (restaurant), dress up, and art got cut at the last minute (just like in real schools) because I just didn’t think I could deal with the space and mess issues of it ON THE DAY WE LISTED OUR HOUSE. Yes, her party was the same day we listed. And a realtor tour was the next day. Yes, I was insane during all of this.

I made some simple decorations (inspired by One Charming Party) and cupcakes, John made the favors (similar to these but he used different materials) and we just tried to relax and enjoy the day. The girls had a great time and there was a lot of giggling in the dramatic play/restaurant center.

It was just what we needed. Cupcakes and giggles.


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