Oh, life is a bit of a roller coaster right now. My good friend said that I’m acting like I’m pregnant (which I’m not). One minute I’m able to be grateful for all that is well in the world and turn our fates over to the universe and trust it will all work out right. The next moment the power company is at our house to fix something that came up on inspection for free and he tells me he won’t and I’m fighting back tears.

Let me catch you up. Our house is under contract already! The buyer is a wonderfully sweet woman who appreciates our home. Now we’re negotiating inspection stuff and waiting for the appraisal. We are house shopping and getting excited and nervous and depressed and anxious and thrilled and hopeful all at the same time.

But last week, we took a little break from all of the drama. John and I celebrated our ninth anniversary! We agreed to keep things low key (we already celebrated with an incredible dinner out while my parents were visiting). But he surprised me with a bottle of wine from a vineyard we visited on our honeymoon and I surprised him with a decadent chocolate cake.

Don’t worry, Ginger, we’ll share.

Over the wine, we remembered our honeymoon and our other travels together. Our first, was kind of a make-it-or-break-it trip and I think deep down we both knew it. About 6 weeks after we started dating, we packed up his VW bus and drove across the country. We camped for over almost 6 weeks on the beautiful California coast and the insanely hot desert of the southwest. We laughed, shared our past, I learned how to drive the finicky stick shift of a car older than me while stuck in traffic of a big city on a bridge (that may have been the last time I drove that car, actually), dreamed of our futures, John discovered that he should always have some food on hand for me to avoid lots of grouchiness, visited the Grand Canyon, “fine-tuned” the mechanics of the bus, and just plain learned how to be together.

broken down – I think in Mississippi

The past nine years (eleven if you count the two before we were married) haven’t all been my best, but I couldn’t have made it through the tough times without John by my side. We are still ridiculously in love with each other even though we’ve each changed so much. Strength comes from love. That’s how I always know I can get through the hard times. I am in love and I am loved.


5 thoughts on “nine

  1. Love this! Thanks for sharing, Megan & Happy Anniversary!!! The picture of your vw bus is great, that cake looks amazing, & Ginger’s little expression is priceless! 🙂

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