I don’t do well with change

For days, I’ve tried blogging, but I just don’t have it in me right now. I am overwhelmed at the moment. I’ve been through enough emotional upheaval as an adult to know that the only way out is to dig deeper into the dark and let go for a little bit. Ignoring it doesn’t seem to work for me. I’ll fight it away and be cheery again, but sometimes I just need to have a good cry first.

I usually reserve this space for cupcakes and smiles, but I am not there right now. Selling and buying a house at the same time is insanely stressful. My sister and brother-in-law are bringing home their first child, a sweet faced little girl, and I will miss it. Somehow, I have to pack up our whole house. John is going out of town.

I have a lot to be grateful for as well. Local friends are offering so much support. My family is healthy. Our move is local. We have enough. I don’t forget these. I notice them often these days.

But my cup of tea is empty (literally), siesta time is almost over. The appraiser will be here soon and I must go clean the house.




14 thoughts on “I don’t do well with change

  1. Hang in there! Change is so hard, and I admire your efforts to frame it in a positive way. We’ve been talking a lot about moving and home, too, over on our site. My business partner is moving across the country and a lot of our contributors are in the middle of moves or exploring the notion of home–if you want to come join the conversation, we’d love to have you!

    • Thanks for reading, Miya. I am grateful that I’m not moving far this time, that might just push me over the edge. 😉 Best of luck to you and your partner!

  2. Good luck, my distant friend. Please be sure to send me your new address when you move. I have a little something I’ve been meaning to send you.

  3. hang in there! just remember that it is ok to accept help if people offer it. packing is a TON of work, but for a short move you can cut some corners and be a little sloppy. It is also hard with kiddos since they don’t like their stuff getting packed up. we tried to do Z’s stuff later in the game, but had to get it packed with a week or so to go. She would sit next to the boxes and talk to her animals, it was very sweet but sad. I worked up till the last few days so matt did the bulk of the work, and now he’s doing almost all the unpacking since I started working again ASAP. It’s a ton of work for him to deal with this stuff while entertaining Z. Moving is mentally and physically exhausting, I’ve cried a lot in the last month, but things are already getting better. Best of luck, I wish we were there to help!

    • Thanks, Laurel! I’ve been thinking of you all a lot lately. Thanks for the permission for things to be unorganized – I keep having grand ideas of perfect packing and then I get stuck. And, thanks for being honest about how hard it is. I’m glad things are getting better for you. I just have to get through the next month or so.

  4. as Zak once said to me…. and a lesson I learned very well…. “This too shall pass”. But it’s good to put emotions in writing…. then they somehow feel lifted~! Love you~!

    • Thanks, Aunt Deb! My mom always says that too. It is true. I keep wishing things would just fast forward about a month or so, because I know everything will sort itself out by then. xo

  5. So great that in amongst the muck you can still recognise and be grateful for the little pearls. It can be really distressing when you sit down to write/blog, and there’s just nothing there, hey?! But if you’re not in a space of tinsel and tiaras, trying to write that way will likely smack of inauthenticity… Instead, we got this lovely, honest post that smacks of truth and vulnerability and love. Thanks for sharing! And good luck with the move! xo

  6. We’re going to do the same thing, put the house up for sale in a few weeks and look for another one. I hope it all falls into place. Hope you are getting things in order and finding time to enjoy summer!

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