We made it

We’ve been in our new house for about a week. The last month has been a blur of drama, tears, anxiety, and then a flurry of packing and moving. Our poor realtor (who is amazing, by the way) made it all happen, but it was a little touchy for awhile.

I have Nikki McClure‘s calendar up on our fridge and the single word on each month has been exactly what I needed to get me through it. I used them as mantras.

May::Persist::We decided to put our house up for sale. This meant very quickly finishing some home improvement projects and forgoing all spare time.

June:: Good Luck::We listed the house. Fingers are crossed. We got an offer 8 days after we listed, but the buyer couldn’t close until mid-August. Time to start house shopping and hope we can find the right place for us.

July::Depend::We put our wished out into the universe, and had to hope that things would work. We depended upon so many people – realtors, our buyer, the sellers, lenders, inspectors, etc. to do their jobs well and timely. A lot was out of our control.

August::Steady::John went out of town on two business trips. The girls got sick. We had to pack up our entire house. Then, at the last minute, after we should have closed, we learn that the lender for our buyer may not finance the loan. S-t-e-a-d-y. This is when the tears set in. We were exhausted. We ended up closing just over a week after we originally planned. Everyone hung in there to make it happen.

Now, we’re settling in. I adored my old house and I knew that this new one wouldn’t be able to compare. It doesn’t. But we have a big backyard (with our hammock under a big tree!), we have beautiful hiking trails (see above picture) just a short drive away, John rides his bike to work in 10 minutes passing llamas, cows, and crossing a covered bridge. There is a lot to love.

And I am so grateful that we are here. Nothing like a bit of drama to give you perspective and gratitude.


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