a letter to myself

Dear Megan,

Your life has been a little overwhelming lately. It has been consumed by plans and moving and crunching numbers. By play dates and naps and eating schedules. By diapers and breastfeeding and pregnancy.

But no more.

For most of the past 6 years, you have been pregnant or nursing. But no more. Your body is yours again. You need to take it back. And take back some of your time and spirit as well.

taken by John

The relationships in your life will grow as you become more fulfilled. You will grow. You are not taking something away from your family; you are adding it. You will be stronger, calmer, and happier. You will be modeling self-care.

It’s simple, really. Walk, run, continue to eat good food. Read. Write. Volunteer. Remember the summer in France when you were 19. You were all by yourself. You didn’t speak the language. You stayed with a family you’d never met in their tiny country village. You started every morning with yoga. You biked. You tried new things. You laughed at yourself. You drank too much wine. You cultivated new friendships.

Carve out a piece of that for yourself again. You are able-bodied. Make the most of this time. Create more space and beauty in your life.

Of course, you’ll still have school schedules and play dates and park trips to work around, but no longer in exclusion. The girls are becoming more independent, have a great foundation, and love to play on their own. John is supportive and shares responsibility. Find balance.

The aim of life is to live and to live is to be aware…joyously, drunkenly, serenely, divinely aware.

~Henry Miller


3 thoughts on “a letter to myself

  1. Go for it M! You deserve it! We all need to remember this no matter what our situation is! 🙂
    BTW–we’d love to get together sometime when we are up in C-vallis! Let’s try and make that happen!

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