Etsy Shop Love: ybryksenkova

Yelena Bryksenkova is a Brooklyn artist who creates calming ethereal paintings. We are getting settled in our new home, planning paint colors, and arrangement of furniture, but we haven’t quite figured out our wall art situation yet. Yelena’s prints could belong in any of our rooms and I love the idea of a few of them framed next to each other on our walls.

I love the colors, the grays, greens, and blues with just a touch of brown and red to ground them that she uses throughout her paintings. I love the modern folk art feeling as well.

The elephant cats are charming. I wish I could jump right in with a warm cup of tea and a book.

All the prints are very reasonably priced. What a lovely gifts these prints would make! Be sure to check out her fairytale postcard collection while you’re dreaming in her shop.

I hope everyone stays safe and dry from the hurricane! I’ve been through four, and they’re not fun. xo

All images courtesy of Yelena Bryksenkova. Click on photos to visit her shop.

P.S. Be sure to enter my random act of kindness giveaway on facebook.


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