Link Love: Things that make me happy

It is freezing, gray, and foggy here. The fog has blanketed the valley for close to a week now and is making things pretty dreary. I’m trying hard to find beauty in it, but it’s getting a little old. We’re still managing to play soccer in the backyard and notice the gorgeous frost-covered bare branches of the oak trees, but a little sunshine would help.

Anyway, I’ve rounded up a few things that make me happy with just one little click. What do you think?

I love Fleet Foxes and I love First Aid Kit. Combining the two? Yes, please. These girls are amazing.


This simple post captures a child’s joy and Mary Oliver‘s poetry, which always speaks to me.

10 Tips for a Mindful Home. Nothing groundbreaking. A list of reminders that I need to re-read once in awhile to create space in my life and live more mindfully.


photo borrowed from Pink of Perfection

I’m glad I came across The Charmed Life Challenge again. It is full of fun ways to bring joy into your life and others’.

Finally, listen to this interview from Fresh Air with Maurice Sendak (author of Where the Wild Things are among many other favorites). It is a tear-jerker, honest, and heart-felt. It makes me love him even more.

Sending you warm, sunny, happy thoughts. Leave your favorite pick-me-ups (online or off) in the comments! I’d love to add to my list.


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