New soap scents

I was wonderfully overwhelmed with holiday shoppers this season. I sold out of almost all my soap and have been busily restocking and impatiently waiting for soap to cure.


Clove+nutmeg is a complex spicy soap. I love it. It’s warming and cozy with a hint of sexy thrown in. Its contains ground oatmeal to exfoliate and soften your skin as you suds up.


After making a log of lavender soap for a local lavender farm this summer, I had multiple requests to make a lavender bar for my shop. It’s extra beautiful with the home grown lavender buds on top of this soap. I think it would make a lovely gift.

I have several other scents in stock and am always available for a custom log of soap. (I’ve sold a bunch of these lately!) As always, these soaps are organic and vegan and when you buy a bar, I give a bar to my local shelter. Due to supply costs, I will be raising the price of a bar of soap on Mar. 1 to $6. Order in the next few days to save with the current price and stock up on soap for your family and gifts for upcoming occasions.


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