This weekend I was lucky enough to get phone calls from three dear friends. We caught up with each other and one friend said, “You’re really living the life right now, Megan.” It’s true and I know it. I am trying to be as present as I can, because this is really it. My family is healthy. John’s dental surgeries (yes, plural) over the last year are done! We’ve begun birthday celebrating season.


The girls are almost 3 and 6. (When Ginger was born and things were hard, I was told, “just wait ’till they’re 3 and 6. It’s magical then.” It’s true. They’re fairly independent, play together, are innocent, and are so deliciously adorable.)


Spring is on it’s way. I’m working on big plans for my shop. I get to run past mountains, llamas, sheep, and a covered bridge. I miss my far-away family and friends (and the Florida sunshine), but I am trying hard to look around me, take a breath, and appreciate.


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