A Valentine’s Day full of love

I love celebrations with little kids around. Every thing is such a big! deal! We hosted a little Valentine making party for some of Ruby’s friends the weekend before the big day. There was paint and glitter all over our table, surrounded by very focused little girls.

Ruby made lovebugs.


We made salt dough hearts that some of the kids painted and glittered for their Valentines. We made a bunch of these years ago that we hang as a garland each February.

We had a little heart tic-tac-toe game out for girls to play when they needed a break.


And some strawberry ice cream sandwiches to munch on.


I made Gigi stuffed kitty.


John got a sleeve to the sweater I’m knitting him and special pencils. He gave me two boxes of cookies from a favorite far-away bakery – so thoughtful and delicious! I knit Ruby a scarf to keep her warm and “snuggled with my love” as she said (heart melts).


But the best part, by far, were the sweet little notes we all got from each other.



Valentines Day Ideas

We are excitedly preparing for Valentine’s Day in our house. It is such a heartwarming holiday with little kids. Some parts of Halloween are a bit too scary, Christmas is fun, but exhausting (and so commercial!) for me. Valentine’s Day might be my new favorite holiday.

I humbly suggest a few items available in my shop that would perfect for teachers,  sweethearts, children, and yourself!


Perfume is a traditional Valentines gift and this one travels well for reapplication. It is floral and a tiny bit spicy. It moisturizes well and I use it as a balm for my hands at times also.


This linen spray will scent pillows, towels, sheets, and more in a favorite sensual scent. It’s an unexpected and much appreciated gift.


Choose a sustainable, long-lasting rose – Rose lip balm. Make those lips kissable!

gift certificate

Of course, you can always add a gift certificate so your special someone can purchase exactly what they have their eyes on. Contact me to choose a different amount to give.

Spoil the people you love!


Valentines Day Crafts

Valentine’s Day has become a bigger deal to me since Ruby has come along. John and I didn’t exchange gifts when we were younger, but Ruby has taught us to celebrate love any chance we get. She was so excited this year. The day before, she was making up songs all day long like, “Happy heart day. Tomorrow is heart day. I love heart day. I love love.” Then she slept in her clothes that she wanted to wear on Valentine’s Day.

She made her valentines for her class. We simply cut out a heart shaped sponge and she stamped with that, cut them out, and wrote her name on them. They were d0-able for her, didn’t become overwhelming, and turned out cute.

We also made some salt-dough hearts that we hung between the columns that separate our living and dining rooms.

And I made a cranberry apple tart from Once Upon a Tart that smelled amazing.

But, by far, the best part of Valentine’s Day were the valentines:

Even Ginger drew hearts all over the paper. I love this!

Did you celebrate? Please share your special traditions!

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Her

Here’s an indulgent list of ideas that you may want to just happen to leave open on your macbook so your husband can find it. And, John, if you’re reading, the last one on the list is my favorite.

Anthropologie Ruffled Oska Dress $168

I love this dress. The color is fun, the ruffles are adorable, the belted waist is perfect.

Ikabag’s Messenger bag $119

I’m a sucker for houndstooth and I love the non-traditional colors of this practical bag.

Fat Quarter’s Remix Red and White Fabric $10.50/yd.

How cute would a skirt made from this fabric be?

Madewell’s Spotted Picture Show Tee $48

Polka-dots? I can’t get enough.

…and if you really want to impress your lady, take her to Venice!

Palladio Hotel and Spa

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for him

Men are notoriously hard to buy for, am I right? Sometimes you can get away with a shirt or a new gadget, but then what? Here are some gift ideas for some men in your life. If you ask Ruby, food is not a gift, but John will tell you it is.

Letterpress Octopus Perpetual Calendar $36

Tartine Bread $40

Cinnamon Chocolate Malt Biscotti $8.50

Living Things Series Books $23

Bicycle Pint Glasses $12

all photos were taken by the makers



A pampering holiday


It’s hard to believe but Valentine’s Day is on its way. It seems to arrive at just the right time to get us through the January blahs. We can busy ourselves on these cold gray days making valentines and reflecting on all the love in our lives.

May I suggest a few items to pamper those you love?

Spicy Bath Fizzies are a very popular and have an irresistible scent.

This lavender filled heart pillow is a sweet gift for a child to snuggle. Just tuck in a little love note for a comforting present.

I love this Bath Tea. My skin is so soft after using it and the herbs are so calming. Especially when you drink a glass of wine while you soak. 😉

Of course, you can’t love anyone else unless you take care of yourself. Give yourself a little luxury this season as well.

happy heart day

We had a wonderful Valentine’s Day here.  I made a few simple gifts for the family, mostly so that I could enjoy some crafting time.  For Ruby, I embroidered this shirt.  I got the pattern from the Stitch-It Kit which I like a bunch.  I hope Smartypants doesn’t see this though…she is a master embroiderer.  Anyway, when Ruby saw it, she said, “Shirt” and put it on right over her p.j.s.  What a great gift receiver she is!  Actually, she just loves the fact that she can almost dress herself.


I made John this little bowl for him to take to his office and catch all his little thing:  keys, ipod, wallet, etc.  I used a pattern from One Skein that I checked out from the library.  I filled it up with some treats for him like some yummy oolong tea, a chocolate covered pretzel, and some bar shaving soap that he likes.


And then, on V-day, I made these little napkins for us.  Ruby sometimes likes to have a napkin on her lap too, which cracks me up.  I like the little polka-dot fabric.


I also made some chocolate crescent cookies for John and I to enjoy.  They practically melt in your mouth, but they don’t photograph well.  I got that recipe from ChocolateChocolate.