Shop Update

I’ve had a lot of people ask me recently if I’m keeping La Petite Vie open. Yes! I’m attempting to juggle teaching kindergarten, being a patient and mindful Mama, AND making soap. I know this sounds crazy, but I really love what I’ve created with La Petite Vie and want to continue. Plus, it helps me take care of myself – I’m surrounded by bath products. ๐Ÿ™‚ Keeping all that in mind, I would shop early for the holidays. If its as busy as it was last year, I won’t be able to rush orders.

New scents in the shop:

IMG_3568The fresh scent of ginger is balanced in an original blend of essential oils to create a woody, sweet, spicy scent that men and women love.

IMG_2718Gravity was so named for itโ€™s sweet heady rose scent that is grounded by woody vetivers and cedarwood oils. Just when you start to lose yourself in the floralness of this soap, the earthy base notes bring you back to reality. And, it’s on sale right now!

IMG_3549After making the Little Bee Balm, one of the shop owners I work with suggested I make the balm in her favorite scent (and one of my best selling soaps): lemongrass rosemary. Applying these balms is a daily ritual I love and I can’t get enough of this one. The lemongrass rosemary balm will be popular, I’m sure.






This past weekend, two of my closest friends that I’ve known since high school came to visit. We all turn 35 this year, so we wanted to get together. We live all over the country. The last time we were together was over 3 years ago. It’s been way too long.

Taken by Lourdes Irizarry

Taken by Lourdes Irizarry

I picked them up in Portland where we ate, shopped, recharged, and shopped some more. That pretty much sums up our weekend, actually. We ate our way through town, taking breaks to play legos and read books with the girls, and then back out for more food.

But there was so much more than that. These girls have been in my life longer than my husband. They know me deep down. There is no drama, no expectations, we just are. Together. These girls can give me one quick little look and it changes the way I think about things for days. This is so rare for me right now. I took a break from being a mother for the weekend. I was as off-duty as you can be when you’re still at home.

After driving back up to Portland to drop off the girls at the airport (and eat, and shop), I realized that I felt like a person again. Not just a mother. I needed this retreat time so desperately.

Of course, I love being a mother and would be miserable if I wasn’t, but it is crazy intense and never-ending. To have a break from it was so much fun! I left the weekend with memories, a stronger sense of myself, energy for my family, and some really cute clothes.

I’m hoping to plan some more get-away time soon. You should too!