Etsy Shop Love: Alice Nightingale

Vintage-inspired Alice Nightengale’s shop is full of gorgeous clothes that I would love to own. The shop photography is inspiring as well. Sometimes I feel like I was born in the wrong decade (70’s? Really? So not my style) and shopping in Alice Nightingale confirms it.

il_570xN.319741174The Maude Dress is the first item I saw, through twitter, and I was quickly smitten with the shop. This photo reminds me of Funny Face, so of course, I love it.

il_570xN.399338230_n4kaThis adorable watercolor purse is so cheery! Just perfect for the fall, yes?

il_570xN.436945950_ere8I can’t tell you how nice it is to have a winter coat you love. You practically live in it and its so nice to get compliments on something that is covering up the rest of your clothes. The silhouette of the Nancy Winter coat is flattering and the Peter Pan collar is so sweet.

il_570xN.390371473_meg0The June blouse is paired perfectly with the Belle skirt in this photo. I’m not sure if I could pull off quite so glamorous a look in a rowboat, but maybe for a summer date night?

Be sure to check out their swimwear – the watercolor apple print appears again! What do you think? Could you pull off these vintage looks in your everyday life?

All photos by Alice Nightingale – click to visit.


Etsy Shop Love: Julia Paul Pottery

Lately I’ve been attracted to the thick warm texture of pottery. Each piece is unique and not quite perfect and the process to make it is fascinating. I love the modern take on this old art form. Julia Paul has perfected this. Living in a small house requires that everything have a purpose, but that can also means most of our things are on display as well. I want our world to be functional and beautiful. I would love to use and look at Julia Paul’s pottery in my little world.


I’m in love with the colors and form of this creamer.

And wouldn’t my morning coffee and afternoon tea be perfect in these cups?



I love the raw clay grounding these bowls.

These vases would be beautiful holding potted plants.


There is color in the shop too, but I am drawn to all white these days. I like the calmness, purity, brightness of it.

All photos by Julia Paul. Click for links.

Etsy Shop Love: Barnacle Bags

I’ve kind of been on a mission lately to find an attractive but practical bag. It’s harder than it seems to find. I need something big enough for a pack of wipes, but not too big that it will overwhelm my little self, it has to go on my shoulders – no hands free here, but still look cute when I get a night out with friends or John. No small feat.

Barnacle Bags has lots of choices.

Waxed Canvas Rucksack

Waxed Canvas Rucksack

I love the ease of a rucksack. I can still use my hands to help little people walk through parking lots or hold a cup of coffee. This one is stylish and practical. I love the red stripes.

Waxed Canvas Tote

Waxed Canvas Tote

I feel like I could put my whole world in this tote – swimsuits in the summertime, knitting in the winter, a change of clothes and extra diaper when the little one decides to start potty training…

Waxed Canvas Messenger Bag

Waxed Canvas Messenger Bag

I do love the practicality of a messenger bag. I use one daily and it is so easy to throw over my shoulder and still easily dig out my phone or keys. This one is roomy enough for a laptop, has pockets, AND sunny yellow polka-dot interior. Swoon.

Waxed Canvas Pouch

Waxed Canvas Pouch

I always carry a pouch in my bag. I put all my stuff in it and can easily transfer it from one bag to another. My bags are always full of kid stuff, and pouches enable me to put my hands on exactly what I need quickly.

There is a beautiful blog as well.



It looks like we’re really moving! We’ve completed the inspections on both houses. We still have to work out some more details and have appraisals, but it’s time to start really packing up, I think.

I’ll be closing up my shop in a few weeks, so now is your chance to stock up. Use coupon code GoodLuck for 30% off (not on gift certificates or soap subscriptions, please). Wish me well, lighten my load, and treat yo self!

Etsy shop love: Riley Construction

There are tons of cute plush toys on etsy, but there is something special about Riley Construction. The sweet little faces with the long eyelashes are charming and I know my girls would just love to play with so many of her creations (and me too!).

This past Christmas, Ruby became excited by elves and I wish I had seen these little guys then – she would love one! I love the hair over the one eye – its these little details that really make this shop stand out.

Plush Elf Toy $45

These hipster rag dolls kill me. Kill me. They are my favorite thing in the shop and I don’t think I could choose just one. I mean, the glasses? The little whale tattoo? It’s just too much cuteness. Please click on the link and check out all the details.

Hipster Rag Doll $55

Everybody loves mushrooms, right? These cheery little faces are just perfect.

Mushroom Plush $32

Ginger is going through a phase right now where she’ll eat half of her meal and then quit and insist on wearing bunny ears to finish the rest. It’s so funny and adorable. This little fox mask would make a nice change.

Fox Mask $25

Riley Construction uses eco-friendly materials, so you can feel confident sharing these with the children in your life. Have fun shopping – and playing!


All photos by Riley Construction. Click on images to visit products.

Etsy Shop Love: b children’s wear

A couple of years ago I bought a shirt for Ruby from b children’s wear. It had a felt envelope that opened with a felt postcard inside. Ruby loved to wear her mail shirt and I was sad when she outgrew it. There are so many thing in Lindsey’s shop that I love. Ruby loves bags. Each bag has a specific purpose – a dance bag, a book bag, a backpack…Rarely can these bags hold different things that the items she has decided belong to them. How cute is this little bag?

itty bitty elephant satchel

I wonder if I could use it for a diaper bag…

I wonder if I will ever move beyond a diaper bag…

Felicity the shy fox

I love this sweet fox. The hair bow is too adorable!

Midnight Ruffles Tank

I would totally wear this ruffled tank. I kind of wish she made women’s clothes!

I have two (!) new nieces on the way and think I can rationalize some little girl clothes shopping. My girls can benefit from it, and pass it along, right?

All photos by b. childrens’ wear. Click on photos for more info.

Etsy Shop Love: Good Measure

I have admired Samantha Hirst’s shop Good Measure for awhile. I love the simplicity of her natural look and the usefulness of all her products. Especially because we live in a small home, everything must have a purpose. Sometimes that purpose is just to make me smile. I love when function and beauty meet.

I love this sweet love note. This would be perfect to tuck into John’s bag before he leaves on a business trip.

This would be a perfect catch-all for your purse or a cute pencil pouch.

This beautiful linen apron would take me through all my chores of the day – soap making, bread baking, and feeding a toddler.

All photos by Good Measure. Click on photos to take you to products.